What’s the difference between Lease and Exclusive?

Leasing Rights

Leasing rights give the music artist a certain amount of uses per lease. Once it runs out, the customer would need to buy another lease for the same beat. You can give out as many units as you can, it’s really all up to you. Read more

Mixing and Mastering Service

A Mix can MAKE or BREAK your music as well as sales. That goes for Beats as well. If your Instrumental is not mixed properly and does not have that industry sound quality it can make you look less professional as well as scare away potential Customers. Read more

Breakdance Catalog compilation

Sound Factory Records launches a new project – a series of “Breakdance Catalog” compilations and opens call for compositions in the music genres: electro freestyle, breaks, breakbeat, electro funk, b-boy breaks. Each track from you in these genres will be included in the compilation! In addition,  best compisitions will be published in the upcoming “Sound Factory vol. 4” compilation. Read more

How to remake hip-hop beat

Our hip-hop producer Recuter prepared amazing video tutorial about remaking the instrumental. For instance he remakes the hip-hop composition “B.o.B. – Airplanes (feat. Hayley Williams)”. FL Studio 10 project is included.

Composition and processing of hip-hop beat

Hello, friends! Today we will make composition and processing of hip-hop beat. High-quality drums is the part of great hip-hop beat! For example, we will make beat on FL Studio.

Searching the idea

Idea is the basis of the music composition. Beginning from this point is not solving of all problems, but one of the methods. In our example the main idea is recorded guitar sample. Load it in DAW – you can use any DAW you like.

make beats hip hop trap beat edm music
Pic. 1
Guitar sample

Read more

Electro Remix Contest by Atomic Project

Singularity Remix Contest by Atomic Project

Singularity Remix Contest by Atomic Project

Beginning of 2016 Atomic Project starts from the organization of the Remix Contest on electro freesstyle composition “Singularity”. It means, Mr. Music Producer, get ready to blow off the dust from your DAW! Read more

Annual Report 2015: Start Royalty Free beats selling

Sound Factory Records has been operating since 2010. The route is from the “Sound Factory» music compilation to the Record Label. Then then there were dozens of releases in different directions: hip hop beats, electro, freestyle, breaks, rap and experimental.

In 2015 we made a decision to enable our composition not only for listening, but also for creative people to reach their potential with our music production. So we have opened a new website, which has become a key selling point of hip hop beats, pop, r&b, trap and cinematic instrumentals.

Now, Royalty Free Licenses are available for our music catalog, that allows producers, cinema directors and another creative business to use compositions for its own purposes. However, 2015 is not limited only deploying the new licensing system. It is better to see once.

Annual Report 2015: Start Royalty Free beats selling

Sound Factory Annual Report 2015

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